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2nd International Meeting on Mediterranean Stone Pine for Agroforestry

18 - 20 de maio 2016

Oeiras - Portugal

The importance of stone pine (Pinus pinea) forests and plantations in the Mediterranean rural areas has been increasing, thanks to the rich flavour and excellent dietetic values of the pine nuts that make it one of the world's most valuable nuts. If properly managed stone pine can also contribute to minimize the risk of abandonment and land desertification in areas with limited sources of income.

Although stone pine is one of the most interesting tree species in Mediterranean agro-forestry economy, new and increasing challenges must be foreseen and answered, in order to improve this important economical revenue for the forest owners and along the value chain. Networking between researchers and different forest stakeholders is in this context of utmost importance.

Recently, the Portuguese research and innovation agenda on stone pine and pine nuts has been approved, within a participatory process of consultation among the partners of the Competence Centre of the Stone Pine and Pine Nuts, involving researchers, technicians, stakeholders from different organizations, defining a set of priority research actions.

The main objectives of AGROPINE 2016 are to connect the different researchers from the Mediterranean region, to update, share and transfer the current knowledge, to identify strategic research needs and partnership opportunities and to network and analyse the current state of stone pine culture and pine nuts markets.

A APFC vai estar presente com uma comunicação sobre o Parque Clonal de Pinheiro Manso, no dia 19 de Maio pelas 10h30.

Uma vez que se trata de um seminário internacional, as comunicações serão em Inglês.

Valor da Inscrição: 150€

Mais informações e inscrições em http://agropine2016.iniav.pt/

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